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 About the World of Heilf

Heilf is a world of the Azicar Galaxy, and is the fourth planet from the sun in the Haelfin solar system. Heilf is a world much like our own, of people just like us, who deal with issues we know all too well. One could say that the strangest thing about Heilf is just how similar it is to Earth.

In all the stars, in all the galaxies, what are the odds that two very separate worlds gave life to a species quite identical to one another? Extreme coincidence, maybe? An unseen necessity of evolution? Or perhaps there's something more at play in the universe than we are willing, or even able, to accept?

While these are not questions easily answered, it just brings forth yet another similarity between planets: is there a higher power? Perhaps we are closer to the answer than we all think.

About the Author:

I am a creative down to the core. I love to draw and write and make things out of multiple mediums, but I also have a horrible attention span at times and jump around from one thing to another. I have held jobs in manufacturing, trades, customer service, and even community support services. I've done website design and freelance illustration and started a thousand websites over the past twenty years. The only constant in my life has been stories. I have a need to tell stories, but something inside of me wants to tell these stories differently.

That's why I have created the world of Heilf. Like many before me, I want to explore a new civilization and imagine their history, a rich world of culture and laws and heroes and species and possibilities without the restrictions that come with  our own reality.

Heilf is my freedom to create anything I can dream up, without worrying about inaccuracies of our own history.

This website is where I will be posting my thoughts and ideas for the world of Heilf. It's going to be an inconsistent mess for the first while as I get my stories straight. I hope you'll stick around for the ride.